Which Bathtub Is Right For You?

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When it comes to your bathroom, a major part of its function is to facilitate relaxation. And, there is not a more relaxing place than your bathtub. However, bathtubs are not one size fits all and they each have their own unique styles and benefits. From jacuzzi tubs to walk-ins, and from porcelain tubs to metal basins—each person has their own priorities when it comes to comfort, style, and function.

That’s why we here at Atlas Plumbing are providing you all with a bathtub guidebook today. Here are the most common and comfortable tubs available today:

Soaking Tubs

Soaking tubs have proven to have health benefits. From reducing stress and anxiety to stimulating touch receptors, relieving muscle tension, soaking tubs are manufactured for full submersion. What’s the difference in the height between a standard tub and a soaking tub? A standard tub has a height of just under 19 inches whereas a soaking tub is, on average, about 23 inches tall.

Soaking tubs additionally tend to have whirlpool jets in them to administer massage during bathing! Think jacuzzi… but in your bathroom!

Air Tubs

Air tubs tend to have more of an effervescent jacuzzi jet. Rather than concentrated jets, air tubs have numerous air jets that release bubbles to produce a gentler massage sensation. Another benefit to air tubs is that they are self-cleaning! All you will have to do is drain your tub, put the jets on, and the tub will dry! Air tubs also have quiet operation, so if jet noise is something you are sensitive too, an air tub resolves that concern.

Built-In Tubs

When it comes to installing your bathtub into your bathroom, and you want more of an integrated look, you will want an alcove tub, a drop-in tub, or an undermount tub. Here are the stylistic differences:

Alcove tubs are used when your bathroom has a nook with three sides to it that is suitable for bathtub installation. This type of installation is great for those that like feeling intimate and private while bathing, as you are protected on three sides.

Drop-In tubs are your most cost-effective, budget-friendly installation, as the tub is manufactured with a lip that will sit on top of your built-in surface to both secure the tub and keep water from overflowing.

Undermount tubs are a designers’ dream! If you want to integrate your bathtub into your tilework, this is the bathtub for you. Undermount tubs are installed beneath your desired slab or built-in, so you have no lip over your surrounding slab. This creates a sleek look that is great for those not wanting to interrupt intricate designs.

Corner Tubs

If you are looking to max out your soaking space, a corner tub is for you. If you have a square area in your bathroom, which will not fit a standard bathtub, this will solve your square footage dilemma. This tub configuration will maximize your bathing space!

Freestanding Tubs

When it comes down to it, a freestanding tub is an aesthetic preference. Freestanding tubs can be equally as comfortable as their counterparts while simultaneously becoming the focal point of your bathroom.

Here is where form really meets function; however, this does not come without a price tag. Freestanding tubs are a luxury item, and they are priced as such. From the design, to the material, to the installation process, it is all very intricate. Not to mention, you must have a big enough space to float your bathtub in your bathroom without impeding on the feng shui of your room. If you want a showstopper of a tub, freestanding bathtubs are your best choice.

Walk-In Tubs

Walk-in tubs are extremely accessible. These are ideal for multi-generational homes, or those that require a tub that does not demand the user to step over the appliance. Walk-in tubs can be built in and will prove accommodating to all bathers.

For your bathtub installation, contact Atlas Plumbing at (702) 819-7137! We are here to curate a bathing experience that matches your needs and lifestyle.

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