4 Luxury Design Tips For Form & Function

Picture of Remodeled Bathroom

When it comes to your space you have to think beyond design. We all want our spaces to look like they could be photographed for the next big interior design magazine (yes, magazines are still being made); however, you don’t want to design your bathroom to the point where it does not function for your needs. There is a balance that must be met between form and function; and, we here at Atlas Plumbing are going to relay some tips that will help you establish that perfect balance for you.

Don’t Let Bathroom Accessories Be An Afterthought

When it comes to your toilet paper holders, towel racks, and hand soap holders, you should not leave these as an afterthought. When discussing your bathroom hardware, don’t let the conversation end at faucet choices. When designing your bathroom your functional accessories can fall under form! Have gold hardware? Tie your towel hook, your cabinetry handles, and your bathroom door in by using the same finish on these as well! When your space is cohesive it packs a great punch.

Have A Seating Area

Get ready with friends and family? Adding seating to your bathroom will enable guests to spend time with you while you are primping! This is especially useful for helping your kids do their hair or experiment with make-up! This creates more of a lounge feel in your space as well, increasing relaxation.

Think About Your Lighting

Don’t forget about the lighting in your bathroom! You will want it to perform multiple functions, from brightening your space for make-up application, to dimming during bathing—your lights must be adjustable. Remember to additionally highlight the main spaces that require increased visibility at night: your vanity, toilet, shower, and tub. If you do not want recessed lighting, wall sconces, and chandeliers, will prove aesthetically pleasing and add to your design.

Choose Appropriate Materials

Remember to discuss how water affects all of the materials you have chosen for your space. You want to make sure that your stone, tile, and cabinetry will stand the test of time. Also, pro tip: the larger the tile, the more slippery it will be when wet. When constructing bathrooms with showers and bathtubs, choose a smaller footprint tile for the floor and use your larger tiles for your shower wall!

When discussing bathroom installations, call the pros at Atlas Plumbing. Simply dial (702) 819-7137, and we will help establish both form and function in your bathroom.

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