Water Heaters: Your Options Outlined

Picture of Cold Shower

When it comes to your hot water supply at home, you mean business. And, so do we. Here at Atlas Plumbing, we understand that a dependable water heater is a must. It’s not a want, but a need. That’s why today, we are here to help outline your water heater options and which type of water heater may be best for your home and lifestyle.

No matter the time, no matter the season, you should always have hot water when you want it. Here is your water heater guide:

Traditional: Storage-Tank Water Heaters

Storage-tank water heaters are your traditional water heating option. How do they work? Your hot water will be stored within a temperature-controlled tank. When the tanks’ thermometer catches a dip in water temperature, your water heater will turn on to reheat the water sitting within your tank. Although the storage tank is insulated, standby heat loss is unavoidable. That’s why your system will heat and reheat your water consecutively. Repeating heating cycles ensures your hot water is there when you need it; however, this requires a lot of energy.

Although your initial installation will be budget-friendly, your energy bills will be higher with a traditional water heater than they would be with a tankless one. However, if you are in a temporary home, have a low water demand, or have a small family, a storage-tank water heater is a great option for you.

Efficient: Tankless Water Heaters

A tankless water heater provides hot water on-demand. If you have to create a shower schedule for your family, or if you are encountering frequent bouts of cold water, a tankless system will resolve your hot water woes. How does the tankless system heat your water? When you turn on one of your fixtures, your hot water heater will activate its’ heating coils that line your plumbing system, and your water will be warmed as it travels to your faucet.

This process eliminates standby heat loss, making this system more energy-efficient than its alternative. However, this great technology comes at a steep price. Installation is more expensive for a tankless system than a traditional one; yet, if you are in your forever home, the savings you will experience from energy conservation will offset the systems’ initial installation cost.

Environmental: Electric Heat Pump Water Heater

An electric heat pump water heater carries similar benefits to the tankless water heater. Although this water heater costs more upfront, in installation, it uses approximately 60 percent less energy than a storage-tank water heating system. So, as a homeowner, you will see a high return on investment, as your energy bills will drastically decrease. How does a heat pump water system work? This water heater uses electricity to move heat from one place to another, rather than generating heat directly.

Using the surrounding air, an electric heat pump water heater pulls heat from the environment and distributes that heat into a tank to heat the water within it. This is a great option for hotter climates, as the more excess heat in the air allows for better operation.

When you're looking for an upgrade or a replacement for your current water heater system, we here at Atlas Plumbing have you covered. Our highly-skilled professionals are well-versed in installing and maintaining all of the above water heaters. Our professional plumbers use industry-leading techniques and years of knowledge and expertise to assess which system is best for you. Call us at (702) 819-7137 for your new water heater and we will ensure you get the dependable water heater you deserve. We are continuing to implement CDC protocols to ensure safety.