Toilet Paper Alternatives

Picture of Empty Toilet Paper Roll

As the COVID-19 pandemic spread, chaos ensued. Supermarkets became apocalyptic, as stocked shelves were emptied by citizens buying up essential supplies. Specifically, one essential product—toilet paper.

A shortage emerged as a result of such hoarding behaviors, and those late to the stock-piling trend were left paperless. This kick-started a major panic throughout the United States. What do you do if you don’t have toilet paper? This was a new question that had never required an answer before this outbreak. Now, it is imperative we educate the masses on what products can be used as a replacement for toilet paper.

Here are the best products to use if you are nearing your last roll of toilet paper, and need an alternative:

Try Paper Products

If you are completely out of toilet paper, try repurposing other paper products. If you are looking for a flushable paper alternative, search for toilet seat covers! These will get the job done without compromising your plumbing system. If toilet seat covers are out of stock, paper towels, napkins, and tissue paper will suffice; however, do not throw any of these items down your toilet. They are not made to break-down the same way toilet paper is constructed to and will cause clogs in your plumbing network.

Install a Bidet

With a bidet, you can eliminate the need for toilet paper altogether, or at the least reduce your demand for it. Bidets are widespread in Europe, South America, and Asia, as they are extremely effective ways to reduce paper waste.

By spraying water on the user, bidets achieve the same cleanliness toilet paper provides, sometimes superior. There are numerous DIY bidets you can purchase and install yourself; however, hiring a professional plumber is typically recommended.

Use Feminine Napkins

If you are desperate for a wipe, and you cannot find any other paper products, feminine napkins can step up to the plate. Pads are basically a thicker version of toilet paper, and they will meet your needs. Just remember, never flush feminine products down your toilet—you’ll end up with a major clog.

Grab A Washable Towel

Although this is not the most ideal alternative, it will work. Using a washable cloth can replace toilet paper. You will just need to clean these towels after each use, which may become tiresome. However, if you find yourself in a pinch, washable towels are better than nothing.

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