Trenchless Pipe Lining Benefits

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Your home is more than a house—it’s where you taught your kid how to ride a bike, where you showed your puppy how to roll over, and where you keep your most prized possessions. Your home is your safe space, your lay-back-let-the-worries-fall-away place. That’s what makes it, well, your home.

All of your memories lay right on the surface, above ground—inside your home; however, your home extends far beyond your floorboards. And, understanding what lays beneath your beautiful, chestnut flooring is of the utmost importance.

Your plumbing keeps your home functioning. Without water—you can’t accomplish your daily tasks, from showering to laundry, you’d be out of luck. Yet, until something noteworthy ensues, your plumbing usually remains out of sight, out of mind. We never ponder about our pipes, if there isn’t anything to really ponder about. However, as soon as you do encounter a plumbing problem, you feel betrayed by your system, and confused by the sudden breakdown. But you have to ask yourself, have you really been caring for your septic lines and water pipes all along?

If you do end up with a worn-out drain or malfunctioning sewer line—trenchless pipe lining is your least invasive repair option.

Trenchless Pipe Lining Explained

Say goodbye to the tedious construction and excavation that comes along with traditional piping repairs. With trenchless pipe lining, a fabric tube is fed through your affected pipe and expands until it molds to the circumference of your current plumbing. The new lining is doused in resin, and when it dries, your new pipe lining attaches to your old plumbing line. This repair can serve your home for many birthdays to come.

Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Lining


That lush yard you have been growing since you moved in doesn’t have to be dug up for trenchless pipe repair. Only two small holes are required, so your plumbing technician can reach your sewer lines. With trenchless pipe lining, your landscaping will remain intact.


By eliminating excavation, you increase the speed of your repair. Trenchless pipe lining takes no more than two to three days to accomplish.


Less labor means less money! If you want a budget-friendly pipe repair solution—trenchless pipe lining is for you.

High Quality

Using cured-in-place liners provides joint-free piping that prevents tree root infiltration, corrosion, and cracks.

Better Functionality

Trenchless pipe lining is made to last. You will need fewer repairs in the future, as cured-in-place liners sustain uncompromised water and waste flow for decades.

For your trenchless pipe lining service, contact Atlas Plumbing at (702) 819-7137. We care about preserving your home. Avoid backups, floods, and consecutive clogs by keeping a close eye on your plumbing and calling for repairs as soon as you notice any of the listed symptoms.

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