Luxury Bathroom Trends

Picture of Clawfoot Tub

Sometimes, we all just need a fresh start. And, what better place to start than your bathroom! You may think we are kidding, but if you truly ponder where you spend your time—you’ll see that the bathroom is just the place to spruce up to satisfy that change you are craving.

From primping to showering, your bathroom becomes your personal oasis. It’s a private space that allows you to get ready for the world; yet, also escape it. It’s your me-space for your me-time; and, in a world that is constantly moving from activity to activity and from one responsibility to another, self-care has never been more important.

And, we here at Atlas Plumbing understand that. That’s why we are providing insight into the new bathroom trends of 2020. Here’s how to transform your space into the luxurious oasis you deserve:

Black Is The New Black

Updating your fixtures? Black is your best bet. Both matte black and lacquered black plumbing elements are here to stay. With a bold, yet modern aesthetic, black finishes can polish off any design. From industrial to glam—these finishes will elevate your space.

Water-Efficient Products Are In

There is nothing more “of today” than installing water-efficient plumbing appliances. From low-flow showerheads to dual-flush toilets—water conservation is trending. The Environmental Protection Agency notes that you are reducing your water usage by 20% by installing WaterSense toilets. When remodeling, make sure you purchase a toilet with the WaterSense label to ensure you are getting a water-conscious appliance.

This update will leave you raving about your new eco-friendly products, as your monthly water bills will drastically decrease as well.

A Must-Have—The Claw-Foot Tub

Even though this craze goes against the above water-conservation fad—the freestanding tub is highly coveted, especially when they feature clawed-feet. Although these tubs take a whopping 40-60 gallons of water to fill, they are a design addition that makes a space.

If you do decide to add a freestanding tub to your bathroom, just remember to check your water heater to ensure your tank can generate enough heated water for one soak. Let alone, produces enough to heat water for those bathing after you.

Wood Accents Are Back

Bringing the outdoors, inside is a design movement we can get behind. Incorporating wood into your design will warm your space. Oftentimes, bathrooms are cold and uninviting, as tile, granite, and ceramic sinks are harsh materials. Adding wood to your oasis will cut through these elements, bringing your space a new, welcoming feel.

Open Concepts Are Essential

Apart from large open showers, how is 2020 any different in respect to an open concept floor plan? We are now bringing the tub into our shower space. Not only will this layout make your space appear larger than it is, but it will create increased accessibility and reduce the chances that water makes it into your walkway.

For your new bathroom, contact Atlas Plumbing at (702) 819-7137 or online! From installing your new water-conscious toilet to creating a plumbing plan around your designed layout—we can help you achieve the bathroom of your dreams.

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