Leave These Bathroom Products in 2019

Leave These Bathroom Products in 2019

With 2020 finally here, it’s time to leave behind some popular bathroom products that have proven to be not only ineffective, but hazardous the environment, and potentially your health. Here’s a list of the biggest offenders you need to stop using.

Antibacterial Soap

Antibacterial cleansers are among the most popular bathroom products on the market. They’re advertised as being effective for killing bacteria. However, the long-term use of antibacterial soap can actually spawn antibiotic-resistant germs. Triclosan, which is the active ingredient in these soaps, is especially bad for your health. Researchers have linked it to liver toxicity and hay fever. According to theĀ FDA, the safest approach is to just use plain soap and water.

Bathroom Wipes

Bathroom wipes are a troubling trend. They are essentially an adult form of baby wipes. Many people use them for quick cleanings. Unfortunately, many of these wipes contain an ingredient that has been deemed to be potentially cancerous by theĀ U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Furthermore, disinfectant wipes can severely clog your plumbing system.

Lathering Shampoos

Many people enjoy the sudsy action of lathering shampoos. However, think twice before washing your hair with these products. Some are formulated with a dangerous ingredient called cocamide DEA, which is a known carcinogen. If you happen to find cocamide DEA listed on your shampoo’s label, don’t hesitate to toss it into the trash.

Chemical Drain Cleaners

Chemical drain cleaners do all of the hard work for you. While these products can break up a clog, they may also destroy your plumbing system in the process. Plus, the lye in drain cleaners can cause severe burns and damage your eyes.

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