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Leak Detection Plumber in Henderson

Finding & Fixing Your Leaks at Affordable Prices in the Las Vegas Valley

Concerned you may have a leak in your home or business? You don’t have to tear into your walls or pull up your flooring to find a plumbing problem. At Atlas Plumbing, we can find and reroute the leak fast while avoiding excavation. A hidden leak can do a lot of damage to your home. If you suspect problems with your pipes, hire our compassionate and client-centered team right away. Our family operated team of technicians and staff take pride in our workmanship, customer service and reputation so we do our best to keep prices affordable while still providing the quality plumbing services you deserve.

A leak only gets worse when ignored. Call (702) 819-7137 today to get a Henderson leak detection plumber on site to fix your problems.

Think You Have a Leak?

Some water flow issues are obvious. Puddles on the floor, moist walls, or brown spots on the ceiling are sure signs that there is a problem. However, some leaks are hidden behind the walls or under the foundation.

Some indications of a concealed water leak include:

  • Inexplicable spikes in water consumption and/or bills
  • Running water noises in the walls
  • Constant dripping sounds
  • Weak water pressure when using the shower or faucet
  • Damp walls, ceilings, or floors

A proper investigation of your home is crucial to find and repair the leak quickly to save you money and protect your home from damage. If you are concerned about a potential leak let “Your Family Plumber” jump into action to take care of you and your home.

We Offer Complimentary Second Opinions on Slab Leaks

A slab leak occurs underneath your concrete foundation. It can cause cracks in the cement. If your home or commercial building uses copper piping, your risk of a leak is higher. Copper pipes corrode over time. Plastic piping is a more reliable way to channel your potable water. Rust, hard water, and strong chemicals may also cause pipe damage. Atlas Plumbing can detect if you have a slab leak and inform you of your option of repair or replacement.

Contact us at (702) 819-7137 for leak detection in Henderson. We work on commercial and residential properties.

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