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Henderson Backflow Prevention Plumber

Protect Yourself from an Unsanitary Situation in the Las Vegas Valley

Backflow prevention devices keep your water free of dangerous contaminants. According to the Nevada building codes, backflow prevention devices are required in most buildings. These small mechanisms reverse the flow of tainted water so that it will not contaminate your fresh supply. It is prudent to have your backflow prevention valve checked annually by a licensed technician.

Our Atlas team specializes in backflow testing, repair and installation. We strive to give each of our customers the customized attention they deserve. We aren’t here to sell you products and services you don’t need. Instead, we want to provide a solution that is satisfactory and affordable. As a family-owned, local business, we strive to be a reliable, trustworthy service provider to the nearby community and greater Las Vegas.

Concerned about backflow? Reach out to our licensed and insured team at (702) 819-7137 for same day service.

Detecting a Problem with Your Backflow Device

If there is water leaking from your backflow valve or if the pressure is too high or too low, you need a professional to promptly inspect your backflow prevention device. Our expert Henderson backflow prevention plumbers know exactly what to look for. If we discover an issue, we have the tools and training to fix it quickly. Inspecting your backflow valve regularly can keep your family safe and contribute to the overall well being of your community

Dangers of Backflow

Backflow occurs when potable water sources come in contact with any other substance. Your potable water may be threatened by gases, fluids from industrial plants, used water, or sewage. This can be quite dangerous, to say the least. It’s crucial you address this problem as soon as possible and contact Atlas Plumbing before the situation worsens.

Backflow is hazardous and can lead to:

  • Strong odors
  • Illness
  • Public health risk
  • Poor tasting water

In 1974, the Safe Water Act declared that all local governments and local water authorities are required to oversee the protection and purification of potable water. Backflow devices are one of the ways that local residents can protect their water.

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Atlas Plumbing is owned by a fourth-generation plumber whose father taught him about more than just plumbing, but also about genuine customer service, trustworthy business practices and absolute dependability. They continue to uphold these pillars today and promise to provide the best, most cost-efficient plumbing services to the local community. Our technicians are committed to educating our customers about their plumbing systems and how to maintain them for safety and savings purposes.

Contact our Henderson backflow prevention plumbers today at (702) 819-7137 to schedule testing or repair. We work on both commercial and residential properties.

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