Recommended Installation Heights For Your Plumbing Fixtures

Picture of Remodeled Shower

Have a passion for interior design, but not quite sure what the standards are for plumbing fixture installations? The experts at Atlas Plumbing are here to help! When it comes to remodeling your bathroom, it is important to remember these recommended height standards to ensure you are installing your fixtures in the most functional places! Here are the common measurements for reference:

Shower Fixture Heights:

The standard showerhead should be placed about 80 inches off of your floor. Now, it is important to remember to measure 80 inches from your finished floor, not a demoed base. Tile installation raises your flooring, so it’s key to note this adjustment before you begin moving any of your plumbing. The minimum height for a showerhead installation is around 72 inches. Your controls should be mounted between 40 - 50 inches for ease of use.

If you are installing a grab bar, this should be placed between 33 -36 inches. Before you install this feature, make sure you have a support beam in your wall, so the grab bar is secure. It must be able to take the weight of your person in its entirety in case you do happen to slip or fall and reach for the bar.

The average shower seat height is 15 inches. This can be adjusted depending on your build; however, this is the recommended placement.

Vanity & Sink Recommendations:

Most bathroom vanities are placed between 30 - 35 inches, varying depending on the height of the user. If you are on the shorter side, the lower end of this spectrum is recommended.

When picking your sink, keep your faucet preference in mind. The taller the fixture, the bigger the basin of your sink should be to reduce splashback. Lower fixtures provide minimal splash, as your water won’t have far to travel before hitting your hands. If you have a shallow basin picked out, pair it with a shorter fixture to keep your space clean!

For your bathroom remodel and appliance installations, contact Atlas Plumbing at (702) 819-7137! We are here to support you throughout your bathroom renovation!

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