Bathroom Accessory Stocking Stuffers

stockings hanging on chimney

The Gift of Pampering

The holiday season is upon us, and it’s time to deck the halls, bake the cookies, and wrap up all the goodies you’ve carefully selected for your loved ones. There’s only one thing left to do on your list: stuff the stockings.

We wouldn’t be much of a plumbing company if we didn’t encourage filling up with something a little more bathroom-natured than the traditional socks and candy. If you’re looking to pamper the ones you love this year, or give them a little laugh, try one of our favorite bathroom accessory stocking stuffers!

Bathtime Solutions

Who doesn’t love a good soak after a long day? Elevate your friend’s bathtub experience with these gifts.

Bath bombs are a fun and fizzy way to make your bath better. When shopping, however, try to find one without added glitter, dried flowers, or other large additives, as these can get stuck in your drain and be difficult to clean.

A large bottle of bubble bath will also go a long way in creating a relaxing bath, as well as dissolving bath salts.

Toilet Light

If your loved one is always making frequent trips in the middle of the night, help them out by gifting them a toilet night light! They come in a variety of colors and will make any midnight bathroom breaks more enjoyable.


For some light-hearted fun, pick up a bottle of Poo-Pourri as a gag gift! This spray can sit on the back of your toilet, allowing your family to cover up any smells they may leave behind without fear.

Shower Glass Holder

Another silly gift that might be perfect for your pal could be a wine glass holder. Using suction cups, they can stick the holder to their shower wall and enjoy an afternoon glass of red while washing away their day!

We hope your loved ones have a great sense of humor and that you enjoy time spent with them this holiday season.