5 Bathroom Items to Clean Weekly

man cleaning bathroom mirror

Cleaning the Throne Room

One of the busiest rooms in the home, the bathroom, is subject to a lot of weekly wear and tear. Puddles of bath water and toothpaste residue find their way onto the floors and counters and continue to pile up and add to the mess unless you’re able to keep a consistent cleaning routine.

We know you’re busy and adding new things to your to-do list can seem impossible. But with the help of the whole family, you’ll be able to keep your bathroom clean all week. We’re giving you a list of just 5 bathroom items that require weekly cleaning in order to maintain a tidy and sanitary bathroom for the whole family.

1. Towels/Bath Mats

Those once soft and fluffy bath mats are going to need a refresh as often as possible. Bath mats absorb after-shower water, and see a lot of traffic as you rush in and out of the bathroom getting ready every day. If located near the toilet, they are likely having toilet water residue flung onto them with every flush.

Bath towels can take a while to dry between use and therefore can develop a musty, mildew-like smell if not cleaned. The same goes for hand towels. Be sure to give your bath mats and towels a good spin in the washing machine about every week to freshen them up and keep everything nice and clean. You should also consider having two sets of mats to switch out as the first set is in the laundry!

2. Shower/Tub

You would think that because the shower and tub are used for bathing yourself, they don’t need to be cleaning them that often. However, your shower and tub can quickly see soap scum and mildew build-up that is unsightly and if left unclean, can develop a perfect growing space for mold.

Your weekly cleaning does not have to be intense! Simply take your bathroom cleaning spray and wipe down the shower and bath walls, taking care to get the corners and places where standing water likes to gather.

You can make it even easier on yourself by keeping a squeegee on hand to wipe away excess water at the end of your morning shower!

3. Switches/Handles

A very overlooked bathroom component when it comes to cleaning is the handles, doorknobs, and light switches. Think (or don’t) of all the germs floating around your bathroom and where they end up. Weekly, you should be disinfecting:

  • Light and fan switches
  • Toilet flusher
  • Cabinet handles
  • Faucet
  • Doorknobs

This routine will give you peace of mind when switching off the lights every night.

4. Floor

Last, but definitely not least, the floor. From excess water to toilet water spray to everyday spills, your bathroom floor is, let’s face it, pretty gross. Grab your broom and sweep up any toilet paper bits and hair. Then grab your mop and disinfecting cleaning solution and hit every square inch of that floor. Tip: do this while your bath mats are in the laundry!

The floor will not only look and smell better, but it will also be clean as a whistle with a weekly mop.

If this list is intimidating, we understand. That is why we suggest dividing the tasks up amongst the family! This could be a great time to teach your teenager how to do laundry, or your 5-year-old the importance of wiping down surfaces to avoid germs. And if the family isn’t around to help, simply try doing one of these tasks yourself every day.