An Old School Crew With An Innovative Business

Rod and Sunshine on the cover of Cleaner Magazine.

Atlas Plumbing was just featured in Cleaner Magazine! The magazine’s piece highlights our company’s transformation from a small residential plumber with a focus on customer service, to a residential and commercial plumber specialized in sewer work and pipelining.

It’s been a revolutionary experience that began in 1980 when our founder, Bob Ray, opened up shop in Las Vegas, Nevada. We stayed busy for 30 years but it was a small operation with only 3 employees, until Bob’s son, Rod took over.

One of Rod’s first decisions for the company was bringing his younger sister, Sunshine onto the team. One of Sunshine’s largest contributions in her early days on the team was to create Atlas Plumbing’s cohesive brand. Soon after Sunshine joined the team, Pedro “Pete” Rios found his way to Atlas Plumbing and he helped us find our niche in the Las Vegas plumbing industry.

Today, we’re well-known for traditional plumbing services as well as specialty services such as underground cleaning and pipelining for residential and commercial areas.

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