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Water Heaters

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New federal regulations, which took effect April 2015, require tank water heaters to be more energy efficient. Sizes have been altered and specifications and space requirements have been changed, making buying a water heater a little more difficult for homeowners.

To determine which water heater is best fit for your home, it is important to consult a trained and experienced expert. We can answer all of your questions related to your situation, assist you in making the right decisions, and discuss the pros and cons of different brands and styles.

While you may not have to replace your existing water heater manufactured before the compliance date (April 2015), it may be wise to upgrade to a newer, more efficient system.

We sale and repair all brands of water heaters, including: AO Smith, American, Rheem, Bradford White, Whirlpool, and GE.

Services we provide:

  • Tank Water Heaters
  • Tankless Water Heaters
  • Installation of Waters Heaters
  • Repair of Water Heaters
  • Diagnose Problems


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Not having hot water is a plumbing issue that creates a sense of urgency. We understand that you have a malfunctioning water heater and want it repaired as soon as possible. Before you shell out hundreds of dollars for a new water heater, allow us to determine whether your old one can be fixed or if your warranty is still good.

We offer an all-inclusive price, which includes all work being completed. Before we arrive we will provide you with an accurate price. Upon the completion of the job, we will also haul away your old heater.

*Be sure to watch out for companies that charge a low price just to add on more charges once they arrive to bring your current heater to code.


Helpful Tips for Requesting a Quote for Water Heater Replacement/Repair:

  • Be prepared with the brand name, serial number, and model number
  • Note the location of the tank. Is it easily accessible?
  • Are you in a two-story living space?
  • How many gallons does the tank store?
  • In the unit gas or electric?
  • Is the water heater hooked up to a recirculating pump?

Why You Should Go Tankless

If you are not familiar with tankless water heaters, they are worth taking a look at. While tankless heaters cost a bit more than traditional water heaters, in the long run they are more efficient. Unlike tank style water heaters. Tank less units do not have to heat a whole tank of cold water to provide you hot water. Tanks less water heaters make hot water only as needed and the hot water is endless.  Such efficiency can reduce your hot water energy bills by as much as 30%. In addition, maintenance is relatively minimal and the heaters are designed  to last for many years.

Our technicians are Rianni Certified and ready to provide you with a free estimate to go tankless.

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